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Image by Stepan Babanin

We are shapers, makers and survivors in the creative wars. We're still on fire and still in the trenches. And we'd like to pass along everything we've learned in our combined 900 years.

about us

We believe creativity is a wild and beautiful thing. It hisses and roars. Pacifies and terrifies. It brings us to our knees and to our feet.

And it deserves to be set free.

We are here to release the creativity hiding in every portfolio.

To give it a chance to be seen and heard. To prove itself. To add more voices and new harmonies to the creative class. To change the direction of a life, a brand, our world.

Because the world needs all the creativity it can get from all the people who have it.


How we Can Help You

  • Written feedback and a one hour conversation with hand-selected mentor

    2 hr

    299 US dollars
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